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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

There are many types of bankruptcy that you can file, based on your situation and what you are looking to accomplish. Chapter 11 is a form of bankruptcy reorganization that is available to corporations, partnerships, and individuals. With no limit on the amount of debt for which you can file, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is most…

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Personal Injury Claims with Head Injury and Concussion

There are different levels of trauma when it comes to a head injury, from minor to very traumatic. While some head injuries are easy to see, such as a bump or an open wound, there are times when a head injury can be accompanied by concealed damage to the brain. These situations can include concussion,…

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What to Expect After Filing Bankruptcy

Whether you have just filed for bankruptcy protection or are simply considering the option, it’s important to know what comes next. After filing bankruptcy, you may feel an initial sense of relief. The bankruptcy laws were set up to help people in your situation, after all. Your credit rating will not be as strong after…

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What Can an Estate Planning Attorney Do For You?

There are many types of attorneys and they differ in the ways that they can help. You’ve heard that an estate planning attorney could help your situation, but you’re not sure what exactly they could do. Let’s go over the basics here, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not consulting an…

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Estate Planning with Foreign Financial Assets

Estate planning can be a complicated and tricky thing to do, but this is especially true when you have diversified assets. It can become even more complex for the estate plan that has to take foreign financial assets, including real estate, into consideration. Whether you are thinking of purchasing any foreign assets or you have…

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What Makes a Motorcycle Accident Different from a Car Accident?

Getting into any kind of vehicular accident is scary and dangerous. It will also lead to a lot of stress and questions. What should I do next? How do I pay for these repairs and medical bills? While you may think that getting into a motorcycle accident has the same set of laws and consequences…

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DIY Estate Planning (and When You Need Legal Help)

When you really sit down and start to think about planning out your estate, you soon realize the headaches that can come along with it. Lawyers charge a big fee, but it’s important to make sure that everything is set up correctly. Fewer and fewer people are spending their money on estate planning help, and…

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Toys R Us Bankruptcy

With the ever-growing popularity of online shopping, it is a wonder that so many brick and mortar stores are still up and running. The days of running out to the store to grab the latest and greatest item are almost completely a thing of the past, and many retailers are feeling the strain. Now another…

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Out of State Car Accident

It’s the time of year for family vacations and getaways. For many, this means a road trip across several state lines. As you set out on that road trip, the last thing you want to happen is a car accident, but what if that should happen to you? How does the process work if you…

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